At a glance

  • Compact design – more power delivered for less weight
  • Class-leading torque and high-speed performance
  • Tuned for out-of-the-hole performance on light boats
  • Smooth and quiet - for relaxed boating and fishing
  • Distinctive & well-known ‘V MAX SHO’ cowling design
  • High output 50A alternator – power from low RPM
  • Unmatched Yamaha reliability

Sophisticated, state of-the-art engineering can be packaged to look great, a fact proved by our impressive new V MAX SHO line-up. These advanced technology, 4-cyiinder, 16-valve EFI engines conceal awesome out-of-the-hole performance, acceleration and speed within their sleek, streamlined designs.


21 570.00 €

Garantii 5 aastat
Mootor 4-takti, 4-silindrit
Kubatuur 2785 cm³
Võimsus 175hj (128,7kW)
Jahutus vesi
Toitesüsteem sissepritse
Starter elektriline
Juhtimine distants
Käigud F/N/R
Jala trimm elektriline
Voolu väljavõte 12V - 50A pingeregulaatoriga
Jala pikkus L:516mm / X:643mm
Mootori kaal koos propelleriga VF175X: 223 kg / VF175L: 227 kg

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Lauri Lill Tel: +372 5016673 / e-mail: lauri@yamaha.ee
Ott Kopti Tel:+372 55537333 / e-mail: ott@yamaha.ee

V MAX your torque.

The streamlined cowling design, with aggressive, stylish V MAX graphics, conceals advanced technology features like a 16-valve, double-overhead cam engine layout with variable camshaft timing and electronic fuel injection - but there’s no hiding the blistering acceleration and heart-pumping top speed.

From a practical viewpoint too, this is no ordinary outboard. For example, the 3-phase, high-power (50A) alternator provides plenty of juice to power all the on-board electronics. What’s more, it delivers enough power to charge your batteries even at trolling speed, so you will never run out of power.